Big Victories for Victims' Rights in 2019

2019 has brought a whirlwind of activity for Marsy's Law for Wisconsin's grassroots coalition. For all of you that have been following along with our efforts to strengthen the rights of Wisconsin crime victims, you'll know that this was a big month for our bipartisan legislation, and January has brought some huge successes – but also a small disappointment. 


What's Next for MLWI

It's almost 2019 and that means that the beginning of a new legislative session will soon be here. For all of those following along with Marsy's Law for Wisconsin's effort to strengthen the rights of crime victims, the start of a new legislative session means that we now have the opportunity to get our bipartisan legislation passed once again by the State Senate and Assembly, the last step before Marsy's Law can go to Wisconsin voters for final approval.



Surviving a Robbery

Memorial Day weekend of 2010 is when my life changed forever.  I came home to find that I had become the victim of a robbery.

Surviving Identity Theft

I'm Cheryl and I'm proud to serve as the Racine County Chair for Marsy's Law for Wisconsin. I became passionate about Marsy's Law and the effort to strengthen the rights of crime victims after becoming a victim of identity theft. Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the United States with more than 13 million victims each year.


Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from Marsy's Law for Wisconsin! 
In the spirit of the holiday season, all of us on the Marsy's team wanted to share some of the things that we're thankful for.

Nationwide Victories for Crime Victims

It's hard to believe that the midterm elections were only one week ago! With all of this election coverage, the Marsy's Law for Wisconsin team wanted to be sure that our grassroots supporters heard the news about Marsy's Law's impressive nationwide victories: six states voted to enshrine the rights of crime victims in their state constitutions alongside those of defendants. Voters in Oklahoma, Kentucky, Nevada, North Carolina, Florida, and Georgia overwhelmingly approved ballot measures in all six states to secure and increase victims’ rights.

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November Pledge Update

It's officially November in Wisconsin! Time has flown and it's hard to believe that we're already heading into the chilly final months of Autumn. With the next legislative session only a couple short months away, we at Marsy's Law for Wisconsin wanted to update our bipartisan coalition about which legislators and candidates have taken the Stand With Crime Victims Pledge and promised to support victims' rights. As most of our supporters know, our legislation passed with overwhelming bipartisan support on first consideration as 2017 Senate Joint Resolution 53. But our work isn't done yet! There are still a number of steps to make Marsy's Law a reality in Wisconsin. 


Introducing Jayden

My name is Jayden and I am a new fall intern at Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin! I am currently attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison pursuing a major in Psychology with a Certificate in Criminal Justice. I will be graduating in May and hope to continue my education in graduate school.


Introducing Maryellen

My name is Maryellen and I am an intern for Marsy’s Law this Fall semester. I am a senior at UW-Madison and will be graduating in May of 2019 with a degree in Political Science and certificates in Criminal Justice and Gender and Women’s Studies. I hope to continue my education by attending graduate school or law school after taking some time to narrow in on what I would like to study, and getting a bit of work experience in a field I care deeply about. 

One Thing to Help End Domestic Violence

This week marked the beginning of October, and in addition to all of the great fall fun that the month will be sure to bring across Wisconsin, it is also Domestic Violence Awareness Month, a very important time for the whole Marsy's Law team. As we travel the state meeting residents from all over Wisconsin and speaking with crime victims about their experiences, we all too often hear tragic stories of domestic violence and how it fundamentally reshapes the lives of those it touches.