Support Victims of Crime Through Marsy's Law

Bring equal rights to crime victims in Wisconsin.

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Marsy’s Law would give victims the Constitutional right to enforce their rights in the court of law if they have been infringed upon during the criminal justice process. Watch the video below to learn more about what Marsy’s Law would provide for Wisconsinites.

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Fun at the State Fair

The Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin team had a great time over the past couple weeks attending the Wisconsin State Fair and speaking to fair attendees about the importance of Marsy’s Law and what it means for the state of Wisconsin.

Farewell From Marigrace

As we near the last weeks of Summer in Wisconsin, I have some bittersweet news for our Marsy's Law for Wisconsin team and all of our fantastic grassroots supporters. 

Letters of Support

It’s been a busy summer for Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin! We’ve been traveling the state to meet with our friends and neighbors about the importance of Marsy’s Law and advocate for its passage next April.