What's Next for MLWI

It's almost 2019 and that means that the beginning of a new legislative session will soon be here. For all of those following along with Marsy's Law for Wisconsin's effort to strengthen the rights of crime victims, the start of a new legislative session means that we now have the opportunity to get our bipartisan legislation passed once again by the State Senate and Assembly, the last step before Marsy's Law can go to Wisconsin voters for final approval.


In 2017 our bipartisan legislation passed a number of key hurdles in the state Legislature and was approved in both houses with broad support from legislators from both sides of the aisle. With the 2019 legislative session almost upon us, Marsy's Law for Wisconsin is currently being circulated for cosponsors in the Wisconsin Senate and Assembly as 2019-21 LRB-0299/1. In order to amend our state Constitution, Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin must be passed once more in the state Legislature, then supported at the ballot box by voters. If lawmakers act quickly in January, that vote could be during the April 2, 2019 election.

We hope that you'll join us in encouraging all of our legislators to help Marsy's Law for Wisconsin clear this final legislative hurdle. Click here to send a message to your local representatives and tell them to make Marsy's Law for Wisconsin a priority in January so that this bipartisan initiative can be brought before voters in April. Victims shouldn't have to wait any longer for equal rights.