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Finding Strength in the Face of Adversity

My experience as a Field Representative has allowed for plenty of opportunities to vocalize my dedication for victims’ rights, however, this past week I had the chance to speak from my own experience at the Take Back the Night Walk in Madison, Wisconsin. 


A Whirlwind Week for Crime Victims' Rights

2018 National Crime Victims Rights Week is behind us and what a whirlwind it has been! Last week, we updated you on some of the events that our team had already participated in around Wisconsin. The end of the week was even busier and we were very excited to be part of a number of events that put the spotlight on the need for stronger rights for crime victims. 


Update: First Days of National Crime Victims' Rights Week Underway!

The past few days have been really busy here at Marsy’s Law. We started off National Crime Victims Rights Week at the Day of Healing in Madison, Wisconsin. This event, which was hosted by Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault (WCASA), was awe-inspiring. Throughout the day I was able to take part in a number of sessions offering a range of experiences for survivors and allies alike. In the morning in the first breakout session, I was able to listen to survivors of crime talk about their experiences and how they cope with the most traumatic events in their past. It was incredibly moving to listen to the stories of these survivors and how they each experienced the healing process in their own ways. In the second session I was part of, we learned techniques on how to the improve the work-life balance of our daily lives and how to take care of your own well-being.


Recognizing Survivors During National Crime Victims' Rights Week

National Crime Victims Rights Week is almost upon us! Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin is looking forward to spending next week recognizing survivors from across Wisconsin and providing opportunities for crime victims to share their stories with supporters and with each other.


Looking Forward to Important Events During National Crime Victims' Rights Weeks

National Crime Victims’ Rights Week is just around the corner and the Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin team is looking forward to recognizing survivors from across Wisconsin with a number of great events and other opportunities for crime victims to tell their stories.


Stepping into Spring with a Great Start

We can’t believe that it’s already Spring in Wisconsin! The last couple months have flown by, and the Marsy’s Law team wanted to take the opportunity to recap some of the things that we’ve been up to already in 2018.


Welcome New Members of the Wisconsin Legislature

This week, the Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin team would like to welcome several new members to the Wisconsin legislature. We are thrilled at the overwhelming bipartisan support that our legislation received on first consideration, and we’ll need the support of the new members of the Senate and Assembly when we face second consideration in 2019. With the winners of several special elections around the state now sworn in, Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin would like to welcome some new faces to the Wisconsin legislature:


Joining Together to Say No More

This week, the Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin team is joining with many across the nation in observance of a number of very important events. March 4 – 10 is “No More” week, an international effort to bring individuals, organizations, community leaders, and businesses together to show our commitment to ending domestic violence, sexual assault, and abuse. The effort, which coincides with International Women’s Day on March 8th, is now in its fifth consecutive year.


Advocating for Change - Magdalena Kozikowska's Story

My name is Magdalena Kozikowska and I am a survivor of sexual assault.

For many victims of violent crime—including myself—it is very difficult to come forward and share this information. The stigma, the emotional stress, and the anxiety that comes with being a victim of sexual assault make it very difficult to talk about your experience—to put your life back together. For me, what made it possible to speak out and to get back on my feet was becoming an advocate for other victims of crime.


Partnering with Law Enforcement for Wisconsin Crime Victims

It’s been a busy month in Wisconsin! Over the last few weeks, Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin has had the exciting opportunity to partner with some of our state’s most prominent law enforcement organizations for their annual conferences. These events have given us the chance to talk to Sheriffs, Police Chiefs, and other members of the law enforcement community from all over the Badger state and hear about some of their experiences in the line of duty.