Stories From Survivors of Crime Motivate

We’re back at it after having our hearing in the state Capitol, where survivors of crime, the Attorney General, our bill sponsors, law enforcement, and legal experts all spoke for Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin. Lawmakers heard how updating our state Constitution would help ensure equal rights for victims.


Marsy's Law for WI - Facts on the Fight for Equal Rights for Crime Victims

Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin is a grassroots movement working with a broad coalition of Wisconsinites seeking to secure equal rights for victims of crime. Our coalition includes victims, victim advocates, law enforcement, state legislators, legal experts, and community members across Wisconsin, and we’ve partnered with Attorney General Brad Schimel and his Office of Crime Victim Services, as well as victims’ rights groups like Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault. Here are some Myths and Facts about our proposal:


Supporters of 47/SJR 53 (Marsy's Law for Wisconsin)

Supporters of AJR 47/SJR 53 (Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin)

Support for Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin continues to grow. We are grateful to the following for supporting equal crime victims’ rights in our state.


First Hearing Scheduled for Marsy's Law for Wisconsin

Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin is excited to share with you the first hearing in state Legislature occurring on Thursday, June 15th. Since we launched the non-partisan initiative on April 4th, Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin has received the support of 42 Democrat and Republican legislatures. As well as 80% of Wisconsinites who back updating our state Constitution to ensure equal rights.


Overwhelming Support for Crime Victims' Rights in Wisconsin

This week we had some incredible news: Nearly 80 percent of Wisconsinites support updating our state Constitution to ensure equal rights for crime victims.


Survivors of Crime Need You (Yes, You!)

We’re barnstorming the state, and we need your help!


Weather and Support Warming Up in Wisconsin

The weather has warmed up and we’ve been enjoying spreading the word in this nice weather.

And as luck would have it, there was plenty of good word to spread this week about Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin. The biggest news is that we’ve formally introduced our bipartisan legislation in the state Legislature and that it will go through public safety committees in the House and Senate.


Our Unique Wisconsin Solution

As we build support across the state for our bipartisan legislation to give crime victims equal rights, the most important thing we talk about is this simple fact: It’s a solution by Wisconsinites, for Wisconsinites.


Coalition Growing for Equal Victims' Rights in Wisconsin

It was a great week for victims of crime in Wisconsin, with our grassroots coalition announcing bipartisan support in the state Legislature and even more victims’ rights groups and law enforcement joining our efforts statewide.

In other words, we’re gaining momentum in the fight for equal rights.


Momentum Growing for Marsy's Law for Wisconsin

We’re back with an update on the momentum Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin has had since we kicked off our statewide campaign to update Wisconsin’s Constitution. Our brave survivors have told their stories, and we’ve found broad and passionate support for ensuring equal rights for victims of crime.

Here’s the rundown: