We're Listening - and Here is What We're Doing

I’m back after another week of talking with people across Wisconsin and thought it might be helpful to lay out exactly what we’re doing as we work to secure equal rights for victims.

The short answer is we’re listening. What I want to tell you about is how, and what’s next.


Crime in Wisconsin by the Numbers

As we’re talking with folks across Wisconsin about the need for equal rights for crime victims, we’re hearing some difficult stories – stories that make the numbers very real.

We’re lucky in Wisconsin to have such a strong law enforcement community – from police officers to prosecutors – protecting us from violent crime. That said, one victim is too many.


Wisconsin's History of Standing up for Victims

Checking back in with our weekly blog and happy to report there are lots of folks wanting to help secure equal rights for crime victims. We’re not surprised – Wisconsin has a long history of leading the way on this issue.


Working on Victims' Rights in Wisconsin

Welcome to our weekly blog, where we’ll keep you updated on our efforts and let you know how you can help. In fact, as we’ve been talking with people across the state about the victim rights movement, that’s been a persistent question – what can I do?