On to 2020!

It's been an exciting couple weeks for Wisconsin crime victims! Last week, Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin came one step closer to becoming a reality for the Badger State.

The Wisconsin State legislature passed Marsy’s Law for the second time with overwhelming bipartisan support, meaning that Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin will now be heading to a statewide ballot in April of 2020.

We know that this victory would not have been possible without your support. We are so grateful to our broad grassroots coalition for all of their work to ensure that the people of Wisconsin would have the chance to cast their votes in favor of a historic measure to strengthen the rights of Wisconsin’s crime victims. We would especially like to thank the legislators who supported our legislation, victims who were brave enough to share their stories, law enforcement who recognized the need for this stronger victims' rights, and all of the other Wisconsin residents who stood up in support of crime victims.

We are so excited to share this victory with all of those who made it possible. We are looking forward to the next steps to make sure that voters across Wisconsin know why we need Marsy’s Law before they cast their votes in April.