Meeting Supporters in La Crosse and Beyond

This past weekend our field team had the great opportunity to be at the La Crosse Outdoor Show in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Our team spent the weekend operating a booth at this fun event which drew attendees from all over Western Wisconsin!


Supporting Marsy's Law for Wisconsin is Simple - State Chair Teri Jendusa Nicolai

I’m Teri Jendusa Nicolai, Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin State Chair, and I’m honored to have the opportunity to relate a few of the reasons that I became involved with this important effort. As a survivor of a violent crime, I can tell you firsthand that Marsy’s Law is needed in Wisconsin. The reason I support Marsy’s Law is simple: Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin would elevate the rights of victims to make them equal to the rights of the accused.


Keeping Communities Safe - Cedarburg Police Chief Thomas Frank

I’m Police Chief Frank of Cedarburg and, as your law enforcement officer charged with keeping our community safe, I am proud to support Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin. I’m grateful for this opportunity to explain a bit about why I have joined the more than 100 Chiefs of Police from across our great state who have joined the effort to update Wisconsin’s constitution to secure the rights of crime victims.


Keeping Communities Safe - Adams County Sheriff Wollin

I’m Sheriff Wollin of Adams County and I’m pleased to have this opportunity to explain why I joined the growing coalition in support of Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin. As County Sheriff, I encounter victims of crime every day in my line of work. Each time I witness someone being forced into the legal system through no fault of their own, I understand more how important it is to ensure that these crime victims have rights equal to those of their attackers. I also know firsthand that protecting crime victims will hold criminals accountable and encourage more victims to come forward.

That’s why I fully support bipartisan Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin and encourage all of you to do the same


Introducing the Newest Member of the Marsy's Law for Wisconsin Team

I’m Ashley Albright and I’m the newest member of the Marsy’s Law team in Wisconsin! I graduated from UW-Madison in December of 2017 with a double major in Social Welfare and Legal Studies and a certificate in Criminal Justice. In college, I volunteered at Domestic Abuse Intervention Services working on a crisis line for domestic abuse survivors, as well providing child care at the Canopy Center for children who had experienced abuse and neglect.

I’m extremely excited to have received the opportunity to work as a field representative for Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin. As a survivor of sexual assault, I’ve personally experienced some of the issues which Marsy’s Law is attempting to remedy. After having an event take place which rendered me powerless, I know firsthand how difficult it is to stand by while a case is being made that doesn’t take the emotions of the victim into account.

Although my experience was incredibly traumatic, I believe that as a member of the Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin campaign, my personal understanding of the importance of this effort will make me that much more driven towards helping to make it a reality. I am very excited to work towards a more equitable allocation of rights for victims and perpetrators of crimes and look forward to what is to come.




Continuing Growth in the New Year

Happy New Year! For me, 2017 was a year that consisted of growth. I began my junior year as an undergraduate, traveled, and accepted a communications internship. One of the greatest highlights of 2017 for me was the opportunity to work with Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin–an initiative I wholeheartedly believe in.


A Year in Review

As the year of 2017 drew to a close, I had the opportunity to reflect on my time working as a field staffer for Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin. This past year, I was able to travel the state and meet countless supporters of our efforts all the way from Douglas County down to Kenosha County. From legislators to members of the law enforcement community to victims of crime, so many Wisconsinites were eager to become involved with Marsy’s Law.


Sharing Victories at the Holidays

The holidays are a magical time when dear friends and family come together to celebrate the spirit of the season. But holiday gatherings can also present the challenge of navigating difficult conversations about the events of the year, from personal achievements or setbacks to current events and political proceedings.


Discussing My Marsy's Law Experiences with the Spectator

As we head into the holiday season, I remain thankful for the opportunity to share my experiences as a Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin’s communication intern with my friends, family, campus, and you.


What's Next for Marsy's Law

As 2017 is coming to an end it is important to reflect on all we have accomplished within the last year, andlook forward to the few steps we have left to make Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin a reality.