Weather and Support Warming Up in Wisconsin

The weather has warmed up and we’ve been enjoying spreading the word in this nice weather.

And as luck would have it, there was plenty of good word to spread this week about Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin. The biggest news is that we’ve formally introduced our bipartisan legislation in the state Legislature and that it will go through public safety committees in the House and Senate.

That means our bill sponsors will be in a great position to shepherd our legislation through the Senate. Sponsors like State Sen. Van Wanggaard, who was a law enforcement officer before joining the Legislature.

Speaking of law enforcement, that brings me to our second big piece of news. We were proud to announce this week that every major statewide police and sheriffs association is supporting our legislation – rather than stand in the way, they know keeping victims safe keeps our communities safe.

We’re thankful to have such a broad coalition both in the Legislature and across the state supporting our effort. But we need more help. Please consider joining our effort or telling your story.