What's Next?

After the successful passage of Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin through the legislature (twice!), we’re looking forward to the next steps in making Marsy’s Law a reality for Wisconsin crime victims. In order to be added to the Wisconsin State Constitution, Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin will need to pass a statewide referendum next April.

While we’re certainly celebrating our latest victory, there is still a long road ahead before April. Here is a quick look of what’s ahead for Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin and how you can get involved.

Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin will be spending a lot of time traveling around the Badger State over the next few months, and once again we'll be visiting the state fair and several county fairs over the summer to meet with voters and tell them about our mission. If you are in the area and able to help, we’d appreciate your help at the Northern Wisconsin State Fair in Chippewa Falls on July 10-14 or at the Wisconsin State Fair in Milwaukee from August 1-11. If you are able to help us at either of these events, please contact us at [email protected].

To keep spreading the word about Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin, we are still looking for community members that would be willing to write to their local newspapers about the initiative. If this interests you, please reach out to [email protected].

As always, one of the best ways you can help Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin is to talk to your friends and neighbors about the importance of protecting the rights of Wisconsin’s crime victims as they navigate the criminal justice process.

We can’t thank you enough for your support for Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin that helped us get this far. With your help, Wisconsin voters will have the final say and vote “Yes” to add Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin to our Constitution.


The MLWI Team