Partnering with Law Enforcement for Wisconsin Crime Victims

It’s been a busy month in Wisconsin! Over the last few weeks, Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin has had the exciting opportunity to partner with some of our state’s most prominent law enforcement organizations for their annual conferences. These events have given us the chance to talk to Sheriffs, Police Chiefs, and other members of the law enforcement community from all over the Badger state and hear about some of their experiences in the line of duty.

Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin has been very fortunate to have a great relationship with the law enforcement community since our launch, and the support of these groups has made up a huge portion of our growing list of endorsements. So why are these sheriffs, police chiefs, and officers so important to the fight for equal rights for crime victims? The answer is simple; our officers encounter these victims every day in their line of work and are often the first point of contact a victim will have with the criminal justice system. That means that they are the first person that can truly help improve the experience a victim has when they are thrown into the legal process through no fault of their own.

Wisconsin’s police officers see firsthand the toll that becoming a victim of crime takes on an individual. They also see the impact that crime has on our communities. Wisconsin’s Attorney General–who has been a strong supporter of our effort–had a great explanation for the impact that Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin will have on crime in communities across Wisconsin. As he explained, Wisconsin cannot make our communities safe from criminals if we can’t hold them accountable, and we cannot hold criminals accountable unless crime victims are willing to come forward.

If victims feel like the system is stacked against them, how can we expect them to overcome their fear and be willing to face both their attacker and the difficult legal process? That is exactly why Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin is so important. By empowering victims and ensuring their rights throughout the legal proceedings, we open a space for them to come forward and tell their stories, and in doing so ensure that justice is served.

You can learn more about our recent law enforcement event partnerships from our statements on the Chiefs of Police Association Conference and the Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs Association Conference.


Luke Martz

MLWI State Director