Keeping Communities Safe - Cedarburg Police Chief Thomas Frank

I’m Police Chief Frank of Cedarburg and, as your law enforcement officer charged with keeping our community safe, I am proud to support Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin. I’m grateful for this opportunity to explain a bit about why I have joined the more than 100 Chiefs of Police from across our great state who have joined the effort to update Wisconsin’s constitution to secure the rights of crime victims.

Cedarburg is a great place to live and Wisconsin is a wonderful place to call home. However, the harsh reality is that crime is truly affecting our communities. While Wisconsin has led the way in protecting the rights of crime victims for many years, these survivors need us to stand up for them, and help give them a voice.

These victims are why I support Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin bipartisan legislation to ensure equal rights for crime victims.

If passed, Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin would place additional victims’ rights in the state Constitution and strengthen the rights that are already in it, so that victims’ rights are not automatically trumped in the courtroom by those of their attackers.

For example, Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin would expand on victims’ current constitutional right to be heard, making clear victims will have a voice not just at disposition but at additional proceedings like bail, plea, and parole — any time the attacker could be released. This would help keep our communities informed and safe.

I promise that I will always work for the safety of our community and for our state. This is why I am proud to be part of the long and impressive list of law enforcement leaders who have stepped forward to advance victims’ rights in Wisconsin.


Police Chief Thomas Frank, Cedarburg