Fun at Java Jive

Java Jive 2018 hosted by the Rape Crisis Center of Dane County was the place to be this last weekend. Over the last years, Java Jive has grown into a gathering for more than survivors and supporters of sexual assault, but a place where all can come to show their solidarity for the community efforts the Rape Crisis Center serves.

Outside of the amazing breakfast, gourmet snacks, and multiple coffees to choose from, I stood looking around me at people I knew from various places i've worked in Dane County to those I recognized from other advocacy events in the area, and all of the people people who simply want to donate to a real cause because their life has been touched by sexual assault. I realized that Java Jive was something I would like to see in all communities because it brings people together to allow a safe space to, well, drink coffee and read the paper while others around you share their own stories. The advocates of the Rape Crisis Center truly shone brightly for many of us in attendance.


What surprised me was that people recognized me as one of the voices of the community and then saw my purple Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin shirt – it was more than an opportunity to share who I was at Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin and why we were one of the sponsors of Java Jive. I am proud to be a part of this community, honored to be representing Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin, and excited to see where things are going for all of us next. The support Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin has gained within the community of grassroots advocates in Wisconsin is beyond my wildest expectations! It’s amazing what a cup of coffee can do for a group of people.