From Summer to Fall: Traveling Wisconsin and Sharing Stories

We had a great time traveling around the state of Wisconsin all summer long. The opportunity to connect with supporters makes us even more excited to jump into the fall season as we continue to spread the message of equal rights for crime victims. Our Wisconsin communities have shown their support for making Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin a reality.

Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin has the support of nearly 80 percent of Wisconsinites, 42 Republican and Democratic lawmakers as well as various victim support groups, law enforcement, legal experts and others. We are grateful to all of our supporters!

Please view the full list of supporters here.

We knew there was a lot of support for Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin –but the stories we’ve heard from survivors of crime highlight our state’s need for the initiative. Here’s what an advocate for Marsy’s Law and survivor of rape, Magdalena Kozikowska had to say:

“The fight was definitely worth it, and most of all so empowering to me. But it was challenging and terrifying, and I later had to work through the difficult process of getting compensation after missing work because of the trauma.

My life would have been different under Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin, which would provide rights like being able to speak up at several crucial points in the legal process, not just disposition, to ensure a victims’ voice is heard and they can stand up for their safety at times like bail. And it would make sure all victims’ rights – respect, privacy, freedom from unreasonable delay – wouldn’t be automatically overruled by those of their attacker in court.”

Read more on Magdalena’s story here.

You can read stories from other survivors of crime below.

Teri Jendusa-Nicolai:

“I’ve fought not only for my life but also for justice in our legal system, so I know how important equal rights for crime victims truly are. It’s time to level the playing field between victims and the criminals who have attacked us – we want equality under the law, nothing more, nothing less.”

Read more on Teri’s story here.

Christina Traub:

“Every time I entered a courtroom after my attack, I felt pushed to the background. I’m proud to fight for equal rights for crime victims because I know what it’s like to feel like I have no voice in our legal system. I hope lawmakers will see that Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin will make a real difference in the lives of victims and help keep our communities safe.”

Read more on Christina’s story here.

Keaira Stine:

“I didn’t have a choice when I became a victim of sexual assault, but I have a choice today and I hope it’s one our lawmakers make as well. I choose to stand up for equal rights for crime victims because I know it will help keep our children and communities safe.”

Read more on Keaira’s story here.

These victims make it clear just how crucial Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin is in the great state of Wisconsin. As we jump into fall, we encourage you to join the fight to ensure equal rights for crime victims. Join Magdalena, Teri, Christina, Keaira and many other on this journey. Learn more here: