Letter | Marsy's Law has benefitted crime victims

Dear Editor: As residents of the United States, we can easily take our individual rights and freedoms for granted. It is effortless to do so when our personal liberties come so naturally to us.

However, less than four years ago, crime victims in Wisconsin lacked the same rights as those who committed the crimes against them. Fortunately, the people of our state voted to rectify this disparity when they adopted a crime victims’ constitutional amendment known as Marsy’s Law.

As an immigrant to this country, I am incredibly grateful to the state of Wisconsin for overwhelmingly voting to amend our constitution, ensuring that crime victims are granted the rights afforded by Marsy's Law. This significant step reflects our commitment to justice and support for those who have been affected by crime.

I encourage everyone to educate themselves on Marsy’s Law and for more states to follow in the path of Wisconsin.


Dill Labadidi