Letter | Marsy's Law good for community

Dear Editor: As a small business owner, I am writing to express my support for our state’s crime victims’ rights constitutional amendment known as Marsy's Law.

While it may not initially appear directly related to small businesses, I firmly believe it holds the potential to bring about multifaceted positive outcomes in our community. With Marsy's Law in place, we can foster a more secure environment where the rights and protection of victims are prioritized, leading to a stronger and more cohesive community fabric.

When rights of victims are upheld and prioritized, it not only contributes to a greater sense of security and well-being within the community but also fosters an environment where businesses can thrive. Safety and a supportive community are crucial factors that enhance the quality of life and forge the path towards sustainable economic growth.

By creating an atmosphere where individuals feel safe and supported, we lay the foundation for a flourishing society where citizens can pursue their aspirations with confidence and determination — including starting a small business.

Miar Maktabi