Word is Spreading About Our Pledge

We're nearing the end of August here in Wisconsin, and everyone on the Marsy's Law for Wisconsin team has been busy traveling the state and speaking with supporters of our bipartisan coalition. We spent a good part of the month at the Wisconsin State Fair where we were able to speak with thousands of Wisconsin residents about victims' rights and received more than 1,000 new signatures on our petition! If you didn't already have a chance, check out last week's video blog to see a little tour of the fair and check out what our team was up to!

When we haven't been traveling the state to promote victims' rights, we've been working to ensure that our bipartisan legislation is approved on second consideration in the next legislative session by asking lawmakers and legislative candidates around the state to sign the Stand With Crime Victims Pledge. We've had incredible success in legislative districts statewide, and that success has helped to spread the word about Marsy's Law and the Stand With Crime Victims Pledge even more! 
We wanted to share with you all a number of recent letters to the editor in districts across the state in which violent crime survivor and Marsy's Law for Wisconsin State Chair Teri Jendusa Nicolai thanks local legislators for their support of victims' rights:
These letters to the editor are so important in increasing public awareness of Marsy's Law for Wisconsin and encouraging support of our bipartisan legislation. If your local legislator has signed the Stand With Crime Victims pledge and you're interested in submitting a letter to the editor thanking them for their support, we can help! And if your local candidates haven't yet signed on, we can help you write to your local paper to explain why Wisconsin needs stronger rights for crime victims. Writing a letter to the editor is one of the best ways that you can help make Marsy's Law for Wisconsin a reality! 
Luke Martz
State Director