Wisconsin Go Purple 2021

Residents, organizations, businesses, and landmarks across Wisconsin went purple for a week this April as part of a statewide recognition of National Crime Victims’ Rights Week (NCVRW).

The purple light effort in the Badger State is being organized by Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin. Participants around the state are sporting purple lights on businesses, landmarks, and other structures to showcase support for victims’ rights as the state recognizes one year of Marsy’s Law in action.

View highlights of the week's go purple campaign across Wisconsin:

The video is courtesy of Resident Capture and Symbology.

We are so grateful to our skilled production team, and to the following businesses and landmarks around Wisconsin who joined in recognizing NCVRW by participating in the Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin Go Purple campaign:

  • Mitchell Park Domes, Milwaukee, April 18-24
  • Hoan Bridge, Milwaukee, April 18
  • Lakefront Brewery, Milwaukee, April 18-24
  • City Hall, Milwaukee, April 18-24
  • Sojourner Milwaukee, Milwaukee, April 18-24
  • Wells Street Skywalk, Milwaukee, April 18-24
  • Madison Municipal Building, Madison, April 18
  • Madison Public Library, Madison, April 18-24
  • Brown County Courthouse, Green Bay, April 19-23
  • Resch Expo Center, Green Bay, April 19-23
  • Main Street Bridge, Green Bay, April 20
  • Walnut Street Bridge, Green Bay, April 20
  • Mason Street Bridge, Green Bay, April 20
  • Bolton Refuge House, Eau Claire, April 18-24
  • Trempealeau County Courthouse, Whitehall, April 18-24