What's Next for Marsy's Law

As 2017 is coming to an end it is important to reflect on all we have accomplished within the last year, andlook forward to the few steps we have left to make Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin a reality.

To ensure equal rights for Wisconsin crime victims, we need to amend Wisconsin’s Constitution. This will be a long journey that is only possible if we Wisconsinites continue working together.

The good news is that we have already achieved the first and one of the most difficult steps towards amending Wisconsin’s Constitution to strengthen victims rights! With our bipartisan legislation’s recent passage through both houses of the state legislature, this first milestone is now behind us.

So, what’s next for Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin? Two crucial steps remain in our state’s constitutional amendment process: 

1. Passing Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin in a second session of the state Legislature will give our bipartisan resolution approval to get on Wisconsin’s election ballot.

2. The final step is winning the support of voters across Wisconsin at the ballot box!

Thanks to you, there is a growing coalition in favor of Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin. In fact, your support is what made our 2017 successes possible.

Let’s continue to work to finish this year off strong. Please join us as we move forward by spreading the wordof Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin this holiday season!