We're Listening - and Here is What We're Doing

I’m back after another week of talking with people across Wisconsin and thought it might be helpful to lay out exactly what we’re doing as we work to secure equal rights for victims.

The short answer is we’re listening. What I want to tell you about is how, and what’s next.

Our effort includes a broad base of people who are weighing in on this issue, helping us figure out how best we can help, and lending their voice in their communities and across the state. First and foremost are the victims themselves, sharing their stories with us and others. We’re working with victim advocates and law enforcement and folks in the legal community to further understand conditions on the ground, and looping in with experts. Finally, we’re talking with policymakers about solutions.

So, what’s next? That’s entirely up to you. While we travel the state having these conversations, you can help direct what we’re doing. Every new story from a victim willing to share, or connection with someone who wants to help, can impact what Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin does next and how we advance a Wisconsin solution to these problems.

Click here for a rundown of all the ways you can help.