Voices for Victims


Voices for Victims: Staci

Survivor Staci Brunner, “I was victimized again by the judicial system”


Voices for Victims: Sheriff Delain

Brown County Sheriff Todd Delain, “Marsy’s Law is needed in the State of Wisconsin because a lot of effort is given to protect the rights of the accused, yet at the same time, our victims do not have the same support"


Voices for Victims: Steve

H.E.L.P. of Door County’s Steve Vickman, “Families have the right to understand what’s going on and to be able to speak in court”


Voices for Victims: Nancy

Nancy Hahnisch, "My life has not been the same since this has happened”


Voices for Victims: Katie

Golden House Victim Advocate Katie Knapp: “Victims are definitely lost in the current criminal justice system.”



Voices for Victims: Ciara

Reach Counseling Victim Advocate Ciara Hill: “Marsy’s Law would bring justice to the students that I work with”


Voices for Victims: Melinda

Outagamie County District Attorney Melinda Tempelis: “I think it’s important that we pass Marsy’s Law so that we can help support victims of crime in our communities and give them a voice”


Voices for Victims: Calista

Survivor Calista Storck: “I think I had this idea going in that the government would be on my side. I was a 14 year-old girl. Why would they not be on my side?”


Voices for Victims: Ariel

Survivor Ariel Ludlum: “We need Marsy’s Law to give us the rights to protect us as victims”


Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin Launches “Voices for Victims” Videos

UNIDOS executive director says “Marsy’s Law will allow us as advocates help survivors at a great scale”