Three Easy Ways to be an Advocate

As our Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin team has been traveling across the state this summer, we have noticed how willing local community members are to get involved with our initiative.

We appreciate the energy and support that we have been shown and understand that this very mindset will help ultimately pass Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin.

After being asked how people can become a victims’ rights advocate, I reply by giving them three simple options that help make a world of difference.

  1. The first way is to get involved by speaking up and contacting your local legislator. In order to get this bill on the ballot, we need our lawmaker’s support. Please dial the Wisconsin’s legislative hotline at 1-800-362-9472 to be connected with your state lawmaker and tell them to support Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin!
  2. Another great avenue for those who are passionate about victims’ rights is the option of serving as a county chair. We are looking for individuals across the state to serve as a leader in their community and as a voice for crime victims rights. We invite you to learn more about becoming a county chair.
  3. You can also to a powerful advocate by sharing Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin’s social media content. Sharing our Twitter and Facebook posts starts a conversation with your circle of loved ones and has a ripple effect. This is a relatively simple option that has a huge impact.

We appreciate the willingness to help we found in our Wisconsin communities.

Your energy and efforts are going to help make equal rights for crime victims a reality. Keep up the good work, Wisconsinites!