Thanks to You...

Dear Friends,

Wisconsin is one step closer to ensuring equal rights for crime victims and that is all thanks to your support of Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin! I am truly humbled to announce that our coalition has achieved our first major milestone in our fight for stronger victims’ rights with the recent passage of our bipartisan legislation through the State Senate and Assembly.

This was, and is, an effort that starts and ends with you. Our team has traveled the state, speaking with countless incredible Wisconsinites. We heard your stories and learned why so many of you wanted to join our coalition of support and our fight for better, safer Wisconsin communities. I am honored to have families, friends, neighbors, and colleagues working to accomplish something to better our state.

As many of you know, this issue is not only important to me as the State Director for Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin, it carries personal significance as well. As our team celebrates this important victory, I am reminded how fortunate I am to be part of a coalition of passionate individuals who share my goal of improving the communities that we live in.

I would also like to send a special thanks to our lawmakers from both sides of the aisle. In demonstrating their support for our bipartisan legislation, they continued a strong Wisconsin tradition of being at the forefront of the movement to strengthen victims’ rights. This would not be possible without our lawmakers hearing messages of support from you, their constituents. Without our growing and diverse coalition of survivors, victims’ rights advocates, members of the law enforcement community, and so many others, we would not be celebrating this victory today.

As we move forward, I ask for your continued participation in our effort. I hope you lend your support, share the mission, or even share your story. Remember, when it comes to equal rights for victims of crime, every voice makes a difference.

Thank You,

Luke Martz

Wisconsin State Director