Proposed Wisconsin Victims of Crime Amendment

Marsy’s Law updates the 1993 victims’ rights constitutional amendment by giving victims new rights and strengthening existing ones. Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin also gives crime victims the Constitutional right to enforce their rights in a court of law if they have been infringed upon during the criminal justice process. Marsy's Law would not take away any rights from the accused or hinder the criminal justice process in any way, as stated in the bill language here


Question 1: Additional rights of crime victims. Shall section 9m of article I of the constitution, which gives certain rights to crime victims, be amended to give crime victims additional rights, to require that the rights of crime victims be protected with equal force to the protections afforded the accused while leaving the federal constitutional rights of the accused intact, and to allow crime victims to enforce their rights in court?


Vote Yes on Question 1

Wisconsin voters will be presented with the question above on the April 7, 2020 ballot. A YES vote would mean updating Wisconsin’s Constitution with strong, enforceable rights for crime victims. You have the power to help those, who though no fault of their own, are forced into a criminal justice system because they have been a victim of a crime. Vote YES and give crime victims the equal rights they deserve.

For a copy of the exact bill language please click here