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Celebrating One Year of Marsy's Law in Action

On April 7, 2020, the residents of Wisconsin overwhelmingly approved the state's new crime victims' constitutional amendment, providing strong, enforceable rights for victims of crime. An incredible 75 percent of Wisconsin voters and all 72 of Wisconsin counties voted yes on Marsy’s Law. Now, we're celebrating the real positive impact that Wisconsin has already seen after one year of Marsy's Law in action.


Legal Update: Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin Files Amicus Brief in Department of Justice Appeal

We have an update on the ongoing legal challenge against Marsy’s Law in Wisconsin. First, a quick refresher on the case.


A Closer Look with Bronson Stein

My name is Bronson Stein and I am the Legal Advocate at Bolton Refuge House, Inc in Eau Claire, WI. I am a second-generation victim advocate and strongly believe in the mission of ending violence against women and aiding all victims of crime. I live in western Wisconsin with my family. I am a member of the Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin Advisory Board and the Facilitator of the Eau Claire CCRT, a collaborative professional group designed to address the systemic response to intimate partner violence, domestic violence, and sexual assault.