NCVRW 2020

April 19-25 is National Crime Victims' Rights Week! This year's celebration of victims' rights is particularly special here in Wisconsin, where our state's voters just passed Marsy's Law for Wisconsin with an overwhelming 75% of the vote.

This year's NCVRW theme is, "Seek Justice | Ensure Victims' Rights | Inspire Hope." The theme appropriately commemorates the many individuals and groups whose advocacy has propelled the victims' rights movement forward for the past half-century, inspiring hope for progress, justice, and healing. In Wisconsin, we know firsthand the remarkable impact that these allies have on the movement to strengthen victims' rights: without them, our huge victory for victims' rights this month would not have been possible.

Though the current public health crisis has reshaped the way we'll be recognizing NCVRW this year--as it has altered so much of our daily lives--we'll still be celebrating all of the new and strengthened rights that Wisconsin crime victims will be able to invoke thanks to all of the incredible supporters in the Badger State who helped to make Marsy's Law for Wisconsin a reality.

We hope you'll join us in this observance of the importance of victims' rights! Check out our media kit for shareable images that you can use on your own social media accounts to join us in a digital celebration of the hope that's inspired when victims' rights are protected.

Media Kit

Sample Posts:

Check out some sample posts for your own recognition of National Crime Victims' Rights Week!

  • This week is National Crime Victims’ Rights Week. This year, we have something special to celebrate: Wisconsin voters overwhelmingly approved Marsy's Law for Wisconsin, ensuring equal rights for Wisconsin crime victims. #NCVRW2020
  • #NCVRW2020 recognizes the victim advocates who have courageously worked for inclusive and accessible resources and services. We see their impact here in Wisconsin, where voters recently overwhelmingly approved Marsy's Law for Wisconsin, granting equal rights to crime victims.
  • The #NCVRW2020 theme is “Seek Justice | Ensure Victims’ Rights | Inspire Hope.” We've been working hard to ensure victims' rights here in Wisconsin, and we hope that the recent overwhelming passage of Marsy's Law for Wisconsin will bring justice and hope for survivors. #MLWI
  • It's National Crime Victims' rights week and it's the perfect time to thank the 1.1 million Wisconsin residents who recently voted overwhelmingly in favor of strengthening the rights of Wisconsin crime victims! #NCVRW2020 #MLWI

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