Message Your Legislator

Contacting your legislator is the best way you can personally work to ensure victims of crime are treated fairly as soon as possible in Wisconsin. Please message your legislator and let them know that Marsy's Law for Wisconsin must be a priority in 2019

Your message may include things such as the following:

  • Personal experience in the criminal justice system as an ally or victim. 
  • The bipartisan nature of Marsy's Law.
    • Victims' rights should not be a partisan issue -- victims come in all shapes and sizes, regardless of political affiliation. 
  • Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin puts the victims of crime on a more equal playing field with those accused of committing crimes, but it does not, and would never, take away any rights from the accused. 
  • The 1993 Wisconsin Victims' Rights Constitutional Amendment is too limited and too outdated. Marsy's Law would remedy this.
  • Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin will give crime victims the Constitutional right to enforce his or her rights in court – something our current Constitution does not provide.
  • Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin strengthens and builds upon some of the existing Constitutional rights. 
    • Example: victims now have the right to be heard at disposition.  Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin will allow victims the right to be heard at all relevant proceedings like release and plea hearings.
  •  Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin would allow victims of crime the right to know their rights
    • We know accused persons must be informed of their rights. It should not be any different for crime victims.
  • Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin has a specific provision make clear that the Amendment cannot be used in any way to supersede the rights of defendants or give victims a party status in a case.  We simply want to give victims the same level of rights that accused persons already receive.  

Please consider contacting your legislator to inform them of the dire need for victims rights in the Wisconsin Constitution.