Meeting Supporters in La Crosse and Beyond

This past weekend our field team had the great opportunity to be at the La Crosse Outdoor Show in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Our team spent the weekend operating a booth at this fun event which drew attendees from all over Western Wisconsin!

Traveling throughout Wisconsin and meeting supporters from all over the state is definitely one of the greatest parts of being part of the Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin team. During this weekend’s event, we were able to build awareness for Marsy’s Law while also talking with new supporters of victims rights.

We also had the invaluable opportunity to talk to individuals and families that have been victims of crime and heard about how difficult it was for them to navigate through the criminal justice process. It is always incredible to hear these unique stories from survivors; these individuals and families had already suffered so much by the time their cases started, and they relived the whole thing throughout the ensuing legal process. Meeting these inspiring individuals and hearing their stories is what makes our team so committed to the fight to empower crime victims as they navigate this difficult time.

We’re looking forward to meeting even more Wisconsinites.

Later this month we will be at the Central Wisconsin Sports Show and the Oshkosh RV and Boat Show. If you are in the area and want more information about Marsy’s Law, stop on by! We’d love to hear your story and talk more about this great cause.


Matt Johnson