Marsy’s Law Hosts Silhouette Art Display at Taylor County Courthouse

TAYLOR COUNTY, WI - Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin, in collaboration with victim service organization Stepping Stones, the Taylor County District Attorney’s Office, and the Taylor County Sheriff’s Office worked to raise awareness about the rights available to victims of crime through a display of silhouettes on Friday, February 17 at the Taylor County Courthouse.

Attendees experienced an interactive display of red-painted silhouettes that represent someone impacted by crime. Each silhouette had one of the rights provided by Wisconsin’s Crime Victims’ Rights constitutional amendment known as Marsy’s Law written on it. The  silhouettes had QR codes on them that brought visitors to the Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin website, as well as Stepping Stones’ and the state Office of Crime Victims’ Services websites for additional information.

“The silhouette’s powerful imagery is a reminder that victims and survivors of crime walk among us relatively unseen. This display captures the human element behind the policies we support as advocates, voters, and citizens.” said Nela Kalpic, State Director for Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin, “We are grateful to collaborate with our partners in Taylor County to bring awareness of crime victims’ rights to the local community.”

Marsy’s Law rights highlighted on the silhouettes include: right to privacy, right to notice, right to confer, right to be present, right to be heard, right to know your rights, right to restitution, and right to enforce your rights.

“Victim witness coordinators and the advocates at Stepping Stones educate and support victims every day. We hope  these silhouettes further that education by highlighting the rights and resources available to our community through this interactive experience.” said Taylor County District Attorney Kristi Tlusty.

“You can’t exercise rights you are not aware of. We hope this event reminds people of their rights and the resources available to them from local law enforcement and wonderful organizations like  Stepping Stones,” said Taylor County Sheriff, Larry Woebbeking