Marsy's Law Partners with the Fond du Lac County DA’s Office, and ASTOP to Raise Awareness of Crime Victims’ Rights with a Silhouette Display

FOND DU LAC, WI- Vibrant, red silhouettes will be displayed outside the Fond du Lac County Courthouse on Tuesday, January 17 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. to highlight crime victims’ rights in Wisconsin. Marsy's Law for Wisconsin, the Fond du Lac County District Attorney’s Office, and ASTOP will collaborate on the silhouette display to spread awareness of Wisconsin’s nearly three year old constitutional amendment supporting crime victims’ rights, known as Marsy’s Law. 

Eight individual silhouettes will be on display with each featuring a different crime victim right provided under Marsy’s Law, such as the right to privacy and the right to be heard. The descriptions of each Marsy’s Law right will be written in language that can be easily understood by a victim who hasn’t been engaged with the criminal justice system before. 

“We look forward to hosting this powerful display in Fond du lac county," said Fond du Lac County District Attorney, Eric Toney, “These silhouettes demonstrate the importance of rights to victims of crime and we applaud Marsy’s Law for helping bring them to life. Navigating the criminal justice system is never easy, and it is especially difficult for victims of crime, these rights and understanding them provide benefits to our entire community.”

“The silhouette’s powerful imagery is a reminder that victims and survivors of crime walk among us relatively unseen and also reminds us of the importance of advocating on behalf of survivors. This display helps capture the human element behind the policies we support as advocates, voters, and citizens.” said Nela Kalpic, State Director for Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin, “We are grateful to collaborate with our partners in Fond Du Lac County to bring awareness of crime victims’ rights to the local community.”

An interactive element of the display will allow viewers to easily access additional information about each Marsy’s Law right with scannable QR codes placed on the silhouettes. The QR codes will also direct viewers to the websites of Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin, ASTOP, and the State Office of Crime Victims’ Services.

“With the support of the community and state, we continue to advocate on behalf of victims and their rights as they embark on their journey through the criminal justice system,” said McKenzie Zahradnik – Prevention Educator, ASTOP, “These silhouettes demonstrate the importance of Marsy’s Law rights and how each right assists victims and their families from the time a crime has been committed through post-sentence proceedings. Since its’ implementation nearly three years ago, the crime victims’ rights provided under Marsy’s Law have given countless crime victims the opportunity and protections necessary to successfully navigate the criminal justice system.”