Keeping Communities Safe - Adams County Sheriff Wollin

I’m Sheriff Wollin of Adams County and I’m pleased to have this opportunity to explain why I joined the growing coalition in support of Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin. As County Sheriff, I encounter victims of crime every day in my line of work. Each time I witness someone being forced into the legal system through no fault of their own, I understand more how important it is to ensure that these crime victims have rights equal to those of their attackers. I also know firsthand that protecting crime victims will hold criminals accountable and encourage more victims to come forward.

That’s why I fully support bipartisan Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin and encourage all of you to do the same

If approved, Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin would place additional victims’ rights in the state Constitution and strengthen the rights that are already in it, so that victims’ rights are not automatically trumped in the courtroom by those of their attackers.

For example, Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin would expand on victims’ current constitutional right to be heard, making clear victims will have a voice not just at disposition but at additional proceedings like bail, plea, and parole — any time the attacker could be released. This would help keep our communities informed and safe.

As Sheriff, my job is to keep Adams County safe. I hope you’ll join me in the effort to make all of our communities safer by supporting Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin.


Sheriff Sam Wollin

Adams County