Introducing Clare

Introducing the newest member of the MLWI team, our intern, Clare!

My name is Clare Schwirtz and I am an intern for Marsy’s Law of Wisconsin this summer! I am going into my fourth year at UW-Madison with plans to graduate in the spring of 2019. My majors are political science and legal studies and I have thought about continuing these interests by going to law school. I studied abroad in Bangkok, Thailand last semester and have come back with numerous new interests and perspectives.

I was undecided about my major and career goals for the first couple of years in college. I tried each potential idea out and only felt that a job that allowed me to make the world a more equitable place would be the right fit. My experience in UW classes and activities has only cemented that revelation. One of the most exciting aspects of Marsy’s Law for me is simply observing the legal process and analyzing the best, concrete ways to force change.

Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin has already accomplished such amazing steps towards their goal of amending the Wisconsin Constitution and I am very excited to help with the work leading up to the vote. Victim rights are such a genuine principle to expand as people who have undergone traumatic events shouldn’t have to endure any more unjust trouble or treatment than they have already experienced.

I am extremely excited about this opportunity at Marsy’s Law and hope to make the most of it!