Celebrating UNIDOS

Our team attended the UNIDOS 22nd Anniversary Gala this past week and we could not have been more honored to be a part of their celebration!

Our team met with the UNIDOS staff last month to talk with them about how Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin will help their agency empower the clients who seek help. We even worked with Marsy’s Law for All to create a Spanish version of our brochure for their clients, and for their Gala. The meeting was a success, as was the Gala! Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin is proud to have UNIDOS supporting the grassroots efforts here in Wisconsin.

At the Gala, Matt, one of our Field Staff, participated in the “In Her Shoes” dance where men wore women’s high heels … and he did pretty good out there on the dance floor!

The most notable thing about the evening was the survivor who shared her domestic violence story publicly for the first time. It was very inspiring to witness her courage in sharing her story in that setting, and the entire room cheered and cried together as we listened to how she survived through the abuse and the heard the story of her harrowing escape. In those moments, we were a united front in support of all those survivors and families who do fall between the cracks because of social barriers.


Kate Thalacker

Victim and Witness Coordinator