Bipartisan Support Strong for Crime Victims' Rights

As our team has been traveling around the state attending picnics, air shows, fairs and visiting offices, we have received endless support from our local communities for Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin.

Community members often share how surprised they are to hear of something receiving bipartisan support. Nowadays, it’s nearly impossible to see bipartisan support for anything.

We’re grateful to share that 42 legislators from both sides of the aisle have put aside their partisan differences to come together and support Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin.

When it comes down to victims’ rights, there is absolutely no room for a political agenda!

Why is the support for Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin continuing to grow?

Wisconsinites simply know that supporting equal rights for crime victims is the right thing to do! In fact, nearly 80% of Wisconsin residents support Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin.

We look forward to gaining the support from anyone and everyone–no matter what side you are on or what background you have–so please join us in the fight!

Are you willing to join the bipartisan fight for victims’ rights?

Contact Wisconsin’s legislative hotline at 1-800-362-9472 to be connected with your state lawmaker. Tell them to support Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin!