August Pledge Update

As summer starts to head down the home stretch, we at Marsy's Law for Wisconsin thought it would be a good time to let you know which legislators and candidates have taken the Stand With Crime Victims Pledge and promised to support victims' rights. As most of our supporters know, our legislation passed with overwhelming bipartisan support on first consideration as 2017 Senate Joint Resolution 53. But our work isn't done! There are still more legislative votes to go to make Marsy's Law a reality in Wisconsin. 

We need to make sure that Marsy's Law remains a priority for the next legislative session, when our bipartisan legislation must pass the Senate and Assembly again on second consideration early in 2019 to be put before voters next April. That's why we've asked everyone who is running for State Assembly or Senate this fall to take the pledge and commit to supporting victims' rights next session. We want all of these candidates to know that Wisconsinites overwhelmingly support Marsy's Law!

So, if you live in their district, please take a moment to thank all of the legislators and legislative candidates who have already committed to standing with crime victims by taking our pledge.  A huge thank you to them for pledging to Stand With Crime Victims:

  • Senate District 1: Representative Andre Jacque
  • Senate District 3: Senator Tim Carpenter
  • Senate District 7: Senator Chris Larson
  • Senate District 13: Senator Scott Fitzgerald
  • Senate District 21: Senator Van Wanggaard
  • Senate District 31: Jon Schultz for Senate
  • Assembly District 3: Representative Ron Tusler
  • Assembly District 7: Matthew Bughman for Assembly
  • Assembly District 9: Representative Josh Zepnick
  • Assembly District 14: Matt Adamczyk for Assembly
  • Assembly District 14: Joshua Parr for Assembly
  • Assembly District 22: Representative Janel Brandtjen
  • Assembly District 24: Emily Siegrist  for Assembly
  • Assembly District 33: Representative Cody Horlacher
  • Assembly District 34: Chris Meier for Assembly
  • Assembly District 35: Mark A Martello for Assembly
  • Assembly District 38: Barbara Dittrich for Assembly
  • Assembly District 50: Art Shrader for Assembly
  • Assembly District 52: Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt
  • Assembly District 55: Dan Schierl for Assembly
  • Assembly District 58: Representative Rick Gundrum
  • Assembly District  59: Ken Depperman for Assembly
  • Assembly District 59: Timothy S Ramthun for Assembly
  • Assembly District 85: Representative Pat Snyder
  • Assembly District 91: Thomas Vue for Assembly
  • Assembly District 91: Eric Larsen for Assembly
  • Assembly District 93: Charlene Warner for Assembly
  • Assembly District 94: Representative Steve Doyle

As the calendar moves from summer to fall, please don't forget to ask your local legislators and legislative candidates whether they've committed to supporting equal rights for crime victims!


Luke Martz

MLWI State Director