An Update From Marigrace

My first month at Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin has been a busy one!


Between events, meetings and travelling I have learned a lot about the people we work with and for. I have had the opportunity to meet some of our County Chairs and volunteers, who help us spread the word and get others involved and interested.


The victims we engage with are so strong and motivated to make changes in our judicial system, which is encouraging for us and our supporters. The team I work with is incredible, and have been helpful to make my transition to my new position smooth. They make working here a pleasure.


We have attended some great events over the past month, including the Wisconsin State Fair in Milwaukee and Fondue Fest in Fond Du Lac. Getting out and speaking with people from all over Wisconsin face to face is a pleasure and a good reminder of who we are working to protect. I am so excited to continue to fight for victims’ rights with Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin.