An Update From Kate

This summer has been one of the most productive summers I can remember, and it’s not just because Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin is moving and shaking, but because a growing number of people across Wisconsin are sharing their stories and getting involved in our cause!

Agencies from around the state are starting to see how Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin will help them reshape the care they are able to provide for their clients with this new legislation, and I could not be more honored to be a part of that shift.

Outside of that greatness, I have had the privilege to speak to with and meet impactful people willing to share their victim stories with the state of Wisconsin – I have laughed alongside them, shared coffee, and even cried with them. All of our efforts with the grassroots agencies and crime victims of Wisconsin come down to one thing for the team here, and it is that we are giving everyone a new platform to help others and to find their own voices.

I am so proud of what we are doing here and even more proud of our great state of Wisconsin!