Advocating for Victims' Rights

Now that Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin successfully cleared the legislative process, Wisconsin residents will have the chance to vote on the initiative next April. Our team will be working to ensure Wisconsin voters understand how important it is to stand up for crime victim’s rights.

We can’t do it alone! One of the best ways to reach voters about Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin is for all of those who care personally about victims' rights to talk to their friends and neighbors about why they should vote for Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin next April.

When talking to your family, friends, and neighbors about Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin, it is important to emphasize that this bipartisan initiative will constitutionally guarantee Wisconsin crime victims meaningful, enforceable rights. Equally important, Marsy’s Law will not take away any rights from the accused! This common sense amendment only ensures that victims have equal rights to the accused: nothing more, nothing less.

Amending our state constitution is a difficult process, and legal language can be confusing. As you discuss the need for stronger rights for crime victims, there are lots of resources available to answer questions and clear up common misconceptions about this bipartisan proposal. You can always visit our FAQ page to see some of the common questions about Marsy's Law and read the answers, and of course, never hesitate to contact us here on our website or through any of our social media profiles. We're here to help answer any questions you may have about the need for stronger victims' rights! 

We can’t thank you enough for your support for Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin that helped us get to this point. With your help, Marsy’s Law will become a reality for Wisconsin’s crime victims before we know it.


The MLWI Team