Advocating for Change - Magdalena Kozikowska's Story

My name is Magdalena Kozikowska and I am a survivor of sexual assault.

For many victims of violent crime—including myself—it is very difficult to come forward and share this information. The stigma, the emotional stress, and the anxiety that comes with being a victim of sexual assault make it very difficult to talk about your experience—to put your life back together. For me, what made it possible to speak out and to get back on my feet was becoming an advocate for other victims of crime.

Last year, I had the opportunity to share my story and to join Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin. Since joining this bipartisan coalition, I have had the opportunity to become a Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin County Chair. In this new role, I have the responsibility of reaching out to the community and working to fulfill my goal of raising public awareness about the need to strengthen victims’ rights. I’m proud to be part of a coalition that consists of many wonderful people who have devoted their time to this important cause, and I’m so grateful that my role allows me to meet other survivors who are passionate about this effort that will finally help them to feel that justice is being served.

My main role is to be the little voice that speaks volumes. So many people want to see a change in our justice system but have no idea how to seek out the right channels to make a difference. Being a County Chair for Marsy’s Law makes it possible to let citizens know there is hope. I have seen firsthand how many people across Wisconsin are passionate about this issue. If just a few of those individuals have the courage to speak up, I know that we can make the difference for crime victims. Most of all, I can honestly say it has also been a rewarding healing process to know that my little voice matters: I just have to speak up.

I hope those who read my letter will be driven to speak up as well. Please join the movement for Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin and help us pass the law that will protect our loved ones.

Magdalena Kozikowska

If you are interested in becoming a Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin County Chair, please email us at [email protected].