Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin and Briarpatch Youth Services Collaborate to Display Silhouette Art Feature at Youth Art Festival to Raise Awareness of Crime Victims’ Rights

[MADISON, WI] – Vibrant red silhouettes will soon grab the attention of the Madison community during the Youth Arts Festival. Marsy's Law for Wisconsin and Briarpatch Youth Services will be displaying silhouettes in Madison on Saturday to help raise awareness of crime victims’ rights in Wisconsin. The silhouettes will highlight various rights included under Wisconsin’s crime victims’ rights constitutional amendment known as Marsy’s Law. The silhouette’s powerful imagery reminds our community that victims and survivors of crime walk among us relatively unseen.

“Briarpatch is proud to partner with organizations like Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin. Marsy’s Law, much like Briarpatch, advocates for those who many times do not have a voice,” said Gloria Reyes, Chief Executive Officer at Briarpatch Youth Services, “by working together, we can create a support network to provide our most vulnerable population with much needed resources, development, and outlets to express themselves.”

CEO Reyes shared that Briarpatch looks forward to future partnership opportunities within the community and is ecstatic about working with Marsy’s law and everyone participating at Youth Arts festival. 

The display will be held in conjunction with Briarpatch’s Youth Arts Festival. You can learn more about the Youth Arts Festival here.

Eight silhouettes will be displayed at the Briarpatch Youth Arts Festival. Each silhouette includes a Marsy’s Law right written on it such as the right to restitution and the right to be heard. More information about each Marsy’s Law right can be easily accessed using scannable QR codes on the silhouettes.  

Representatives of Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin and Briarpatch will be available for interviews upon request.

Saturday, June 25 from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

Brairpatch Youth Services Youth Arts Festival 

2720 Rimrock Road in Madison

Please submit interview requests to mk@platform-communications.